Wendy Hedge’s fabulous freestanding sketchbook

Wendy was one of the most creative students I have had in 20+ years teaching.  Sadly she died of cancer recently but her work lives on. This 3-D book was created on a C&G ‘Creative Sketchbooks’ course a few years ago.  Students had to produce a 3-dimensional freestanding sketchbook on a theme of their choosing.  Wendy did hers on fish, exploring the patterns and shapes seen in fish – scales and bones and eyes and fins – with artwork techniques taught on the course.  Here are a few examples:

Wendy fish skbk - 34 of 39
A fishing rod & line were used as the spine of the sketchbook, allowing the pages to be opened and moved around

Wendy fish skbk - 1 of 39

Wendy fish skbk - 3 of 39

Wendy fish skbk - 4 of 39

Wendy fish skbk - 19 of 39

Wendy fish skbk - 20 of 39