Knit Design Online:

Hand Knit Design Course by Distance Learning
with Loraine McClean

Here is what my previous and current students think:

D K (UK) says:

I was impressed with the quality of Loraine's teaching materials. Loraine has a wealth of teaching expertise and practical design experience, which enable her to illustrate her module notes with relevant, contextual, inspirational examples. It is obvious that she knows her subject inside-out and I admire her passion and enthusiasm for what she does.

In my experience, Loraine has provided unfailingly helpful support. She has continually offered encouragement, or a gentle prod when required, to keep momentum going. I have never felt that I was working in a vacuum, despite the lack of a classroom setting.

Loraine's feedback is comprehensive, insightful and instructive. I learn such a lot from these notes and really appreciate the effort she goes to. She is quick to praise where it is warranted and she has often provided useful tips and insights that have allowed me to explore ideas even further. When work isn't quite up to standard, Loraine points out any errors or omissions in a fair, constructive and tactful way.

R H (UK) says:

Feedback is comfortingly comprehensive, especially as it is a distance learning course. I am amazed at the quantity and depth of the feedback you give us.

T M (UK) says:

Tutor support was exceptional throughout. This included both prompt and helpful advice on coursework, and encouragement and support through very difficult (personal) times.

S W (Germany) says:

The course went beyond my expectations and I am sad that I could not continue due to external circumstances. I found the student blog extremely useful (lots of tips about technique, exhibitions, events, other students’ work etc.) and super motivating!

R C (UK) says:

The tutorial support was excellent, questions were answered quickly and I felt supported throughout. By sending a monthly planner I was able to keep in touch with my tutor and to create deadlines that were easy to stick to.

The modules are well designed, concise and easy to follow. The information was presented in an easily digestible and intelligent way. I had no issue understanding both what was required of me and how it should be presented.

A P (UK) says:

Distance learning for a creative subject is quite a challenge but, in my opinion, the reason this course works, is because of Loraine. She is incredibly supportive, answering e-mails at all times of night and day and even when she is on holiday! She has the gift of being able to say just the right thing at the right time to enable you to progress your work without actually telling you what to do!

The feedback that I receive on my work is extremely detailed and thorough – nothing gets past Loraine! She seems to have this sixth sense that recognises when you haven’t quite ‘got the hang’ of something and have tried to bluff your way through.

In my opinion, and speaking as a teacher myself, Loraine is a gifted teacher who understands and loves people. She can adapt her teaching methods and materials to meet individual needs and loves to see students achieve their best. She is a hugely talented designer in her own right and enthuses her students with the inspiration that pours out of her.

D T (Australia) says:

Excellent support; prompt email replies when I asked for opinion, assistance etc. Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone a number of times!

E V (UK) says:

The student blog has been informative, entertaining and essential to my learning experience as it has been a great way to hear about knit related events and news and to see other student’s work.

The feedback was extremely detailed and comments were made in a positive manner. Receiving such detailed feedback was extremely helpful in improving my standard of work.

The art and design element underpinned the whole course for me. Using techniques I learned from the course has helped me with idea generation and design development. I attended many student meetings and found them all extremely helpful and there was a chance to interact with the other students. Visiting a gallery together was a great way to learn about how to look for design inspiration.

S C (UK) says:

I am really enjoying this course. I have learned so much about knitting and design - I've found the colour theory, design and artwork really interesting and fun. It's perfect for me because I can't get to a local college and I have been able to do the course in my own time - fitting it in around family and work commitments. The fact that it is split into modules makes it less daunting and you can pay for one module at a time to spread the cost. Modules are well planned with clear instructions and Loraine gives excellent and thorough feedback.

Even though it is a "distance" course, I don't feel isolated - I feel part of a community of students. Loraine organises regular meetings where I have met other students, got help with coursework, and come away inspired and motivated. I find Loraine's blog very useful - it keeps me up to date with what is going on, with information on meetings, exhibitions, etc, and it is full of helpful ideas, pictures of students' work, and inspiring photos for design ideas. I email if I ever have a question and Loraine always replies straight away. I thoroughly recommend the course.

J M (UK) says:

I was slightly reluctant to tackle distance learning as I enjoy working in a classroom environment. However there were no classes available so I took the plunge. I needn’t have been concerned as the lesson modules are well written, easy to follow and have plenty of samples of work to view.

I find Loraine's encouragement invaluable and her assessment feedback is very comprehensive. She is a creative, motivated and inspiring tutor, and only an e-mail or phone call away. There is the opportunity to meet other students at the regular meetings and at workshops. I have made some good friends and look forward to catching up with them at these meetings.

The blog brings the group even closer together, giving the chance to view other students' work, get up to date information on websites, exhibitions etc. and contribute with any relevant remarks – the next best thing to actually attending class. I have found that there are advantages over attending a class – the ability to work at whatever time suits me, working at my own pace and not having to pack and unpack materials, work and folders etc. on a weekly basis.

I love the coursework, it is stimulating and enjoyable.

H S (UK) says:

The essence of Loraine's modular course is the breadth and clarity of her written instructions, backed up by ongoing individual advice and support. Help is only an email away. Personally I am finding great satisfaction in a growing awareness of the elements of design, as well as the technical side of hand knitting. The individual feedback that is part of the course encourages me to build on my successes and meet the challenges that present themselves.

The Knit Design Online blog is an excellent way of connecting to other students. Seeing photos of students' work encourages and inspires, and I am glad to be part of this network. The blog actually does more than this, and I appreciate the interesting links, and being kept up to date with style trends etc.

Expect to work hard if you do this course, and to have to make time for it. Also expect to have fun!

C J (Australia) says:

Having studied by distance education before (I completed a degree in Biomedical Science this way), I know it works. It means I can work through the exercises at a time to suit me (whether it's 11am or 11pm). The course fits around my life, and that of my family and my job.

Loraine is a fabulous teacher. She has a wealth of experience and; knowledge and is just an email away for me. Loraine has responded very quickly to any queries I have had. Even though I'm half a world away, in a different time zone, it almost feels like a one-on-one class.

The ability to pay for each module when I'm ready makes it very affordable.

The exercises are good fun and are making me really think about design, colour, texture, line etc.

The blog has been a wonderful addition to the course, I've enjoyed seeing samples of other students work and "hearing" their voices.

B F (New Zealand) says:

Loraine is a very inspirational teacher. She is very approachable and I have had no trouble understanding the lessons so far. Loraine's blog has made it much easier for me to "see" what is expected and she is never more than a quick email away if I need help.

The course is very comprehensive. I have been knitting for many years and would have called myself an experienced knitter but I am learning so much. I will end up with some very useful tools to use in my work and for teaching.

It is great to do something I have been passionate about for a long time and to do it at a level that far surpasses anything else I have found. It feels like I have "come home" and sharing my passion with others like-minded, even if long distance, is very inspiring.

I work full time and is important to be aware that commitment both in time and effort is needed to get the results. That said, the course is well worth it.

Making a "space" to work and setting a timetable helps. I love the course, the work is easy but challenging. It is certainly stretching me and I am learning heaps about myself, knitting and how I knit, etc

C L (UK) says:

I cannot recommend Loraine highly enough. As well as being a spectacularly accomplished designer herself, she is also an inspirational and insightful teacher.

All learners have unique starting points; Loraine has that rare gift of being able to understand exactly where an individual learner's particular starting point is. I felt that she accompanied me on an exciting journey, giving support and advice where needed, finally encouraging me to take enormous leaps forward over unfamiliar ground.

Without such skilled support, advice and encouragement my life would not have taken the exhilarating turn that it has.