Knit Design Online:

Hand Knit Design Course by Distance Learning
with Loraine McClean


Fairisle colour scheme

Wortkshops are well illustrated and give hands-on experience of the design process. The activities are structured but the atmosphere is relaxed and creative.

There is plenty of visual material and worked examples to get you started, along with technical help in realising your design ideas. Inspirational source material and comprehensive hand-outs are provided.

I am hugely enthusiastic about design, I will make it fun - and hopefully get you hooked for life. When you know what to look for, you will see design inspiration everywhere...

Confidence with Colour - successful colour combining, what works and why

Colour scheme Colour ideas from inspiration

You will learn some useful colour theory basics; use inspiration to devise exciting and unusual colour scheme/s and explore different ways of applying these to the materials of your craft.   Take home ideas for exciting colour schemes for future use and as the start of a personal colour scheme sourcebook.

From Inspiration to Design

Knit ideas from inspiration Fairisle colour scheme

When you know what to look for, you will see design inspiration everywhere - especially in the everyday natural and man-made world around you.

Learn where to find inspiration and how to use it; then apply the ideas to your own craft - from knitting and stitching to jewellery and weaving. Use simple techniques to develop and create original designs - no drawing skills needed.

Visual Linking - using moodboards and sketchbooks to expand & develop a design theme

Colour scheme Sketchbook page using sand as inspiration

A hands-on workshop experimenting with colour, aimed at anyone working with fibres, yarns, materials or threads.

Discover how professional designers choose, research and develop a theme to inspire their designs. Designers use personal sketchbooks to store and record things which might come in useful for sparking ideas, or to develop a theme which can generate many related designs. Despite the name 'sketchbook' drawing ability definitely isn't needed, just enthusiasm and open eyes are required to start the 'idea stash' habit.